Through the eyes of a mother~

by Cheryl Duncan

The reality is that the decorating that didn’t get done before your bundle of joy arrives, gets put on hold until you settle into motherhood!
One necessity you are sure to have, though, is the crib!


                         Build-to-grow Encore Crib by Stanley Furniture

As you watch your angels sleep you become aware that you will have your heart living outside your body for the rest of your life!
All too soon they become escape artists and learn to crawl over the rails of the crib and you realize it’s time to graduate your angels to a big bed.


                           Top: Gabriella collection by Universal Furniture

                      Bottom: RoughHouse collection by Universal Furniture

By now you’re settled into reading books without looking at the pages because you have them memorized! They finally drift off to sleep & you carefully crawl off the side of their bed so not to wake them up and start the whole process again!
The big day comes when they wave you on as you watch them walk into their classroom for the first time!  You turn with a tear in your eye wondering where the time has gone?

The hub of the home~
The dinner table is one of the most important assets of the home! Not only do you gather together here to eat and pray, you also share your dreams, your joys and your frustrations.


         Paula Deen Home Kitchen Gathering Table by Universal Furniture

You cherish the far-too-few evenings spent as a family relaxing after dinner as you race off to sports practice, dancing, gymnastics, youth group and the list goes on and on! You realize how important it is to have a family-friendly home!



Before you know it they are off to start a life of their own! Now, not only is your heart living outside your body, it’s out of the house! You have been able to send some of the well worn furniture with them enabling you to start fresh as you begin a new chapter of life!


Gallagher sofa and Garbo occasional tables by Berhardt

There are two great things we give our children, one is roots, the other wings~

Happy Mother’s Day!