The Stories of Art

by Becki Bradford

Can’t you just hear “The Music Of The Night”?


Have you ever thought of the ways that viewing art is similar to reading a book?  A good book tells a story that takes your mind away from your here and now, and transports you to another place or time.  Art can do the same thing.  Take, for example, the art in the picture above.  I look at this piece and my mind immediately goes to “The Phantom Of The Opera”.  I remember where I saw it, I remember who I was with, and I vividly remember the beautiful and intricate details of the set.

The art in your home can be a reflection of the experiences you’ve had, and the people, places, and things that are most important to you.  In my home, many of the pieces that I display reflect the things that I have enjoyed most in life, as well as messages I want to share with my guests.  When working with a client, I always try to capture their spirit and experiences when suggesting art work for their home.

Art is a way for you to put your life’s “best sellers” on display!

The art work is from Picture Galleries and currently in stock at our store.