The Four C’s of Upholstery: Part II

by Shannon Pennell, designer

In our last post, we talked about the first two C’s of upholstery. As promised, here are the final two C’s:

3.   CONTENT.  You’re probably thinking that we’ve covered this in construction, but I’m referring to fabric content.  If it’s leather, be informed about the type of leather.  Is it protected or non-protected leather?  What is the cleanability?  Do you need to condition the leather?  Is it top-grain, split hide, or bycast leather?

If you are purchasing fabric, find out the fiber content.  Ask questions about the durability and cleanability.  A well informed salesperson will be able to tell you what fabrics will have a tendency to “pill,” fade, snag, or stretch.

 You may consider asking about fabric and leather protection plans.  We offer plans for both fabric and leather for a nominal fee that will guaranty the life of the cover you select.

 4.   COMMITMENT.  Your amount of investment should be determined by your level of commitment to the piece.  Do you want a five year sofa?  A ten year chair?  Spend accordingly!  Average out the cost of the upholstered item over your commitment time frame.  Now, is it really too expensive?

 Hopefully, I’ve given you enough information to help make an educated decision.  There are many levels of quality, and you want to get the best value you can in your price range.  Never hesitate to ask your salesperson any questions you may have about quality.  So next time you are out shopping for the perfect chair, sofa, or loveseat, remember the 4 C’s of upholstery!