transitional home decor

Bernhardt Furniture

by Lindsay Wakeman

This week on the blog, it is all about Bernhardt! We just got our new Bernhardt upholstery here at the store, and absolutely love it. The Keenan Sofa and Theo Chair are both adorable, and make us feel like summertime is here! 

Keenan Sofa & Keenan Chair- Bernhardt Furniture

To give you a little bit of Bernhardt history, this family-owned company has been around since 1989! They have provided quality furniture for many years. The company is currently being led by the fourth generation of Bernhardt family members. Their headquarters and eight manufacturing facilities are in North Carolina, and they have six overseas offices.

Clarendon Collection & Kitty Settee- Bernhardt

I find myself loving just about every upholstery and casegood piece of theirs. I would say that a lot of Bernhardt frames fall under transitional design which is a combination of traditional and contemporary design styles. Bernhardt provides furniture that can be used in spaces such as living and dining rooms, home offices, and bedrooms. Most of the collections in the line have pieces for all of these different spaces. However, I have found that a lot of the collections blend really well together, so it is fun to mix and match their furniture! 

Savoy Place- Bernhardt