When Hooker Furniture announced they were doing a giveaway from their Rhapsody collection, the only difficult thing was picking our favorite piece! Here are some favorites from our staff…

Cheryl Duncan:

Handpainted Drawer Chest

This Handpainted Drawer Chest is one of my favorite pieces from the Rhapsody collection. It is such a pretty piece with its decorative hand painting. I love the fact that it is versatile, with both drawers and doors, and it can anchor a bedroom, dining room or living room!



Jennifer Bump:

Thin Console

I love a lot of the occasional pieces that Hooker Furniture has been offering as of late. If Hooker Furniture were a person, they’d be that girl in high school who actually listened to her mom when she was told to stand up straight; it just looks a bit more put together and very sharp. And the Rhapsody Thin Console is no exception. The finish is amazing and the piece is stylish without being fussy. But the thing that I love most about this piece is actually revealed in its name. It is thin. The console is only thirteen inches deep and answers the question I hear all of the time, “What am I supposed to do with that wall?” Put this console on that wall. It’s thin enough that you won’t have to worry if it’s going to take up too much space or protrude into the room. Ultimately, I think this piece is great because it could go so many places in a home. Well done, Hooker Furniture.


Audrey Kelsey:

Sleigh Bed

My favorite piece of the aptly named Rhapsody collection is the sleigh bed. Hooker uses a whole paragraph of adjective-infused descriptions, but the final phrase pretty much sums it up for me…. "over the top". This bed would look good in a castle. It would fit right in. However, if you are just, well, ordinary, but you want to feel like a King when you call it a day then check out the Rhapsody collection. By the way, this is IN STOCK, on the floor of our showroom!


Kim Robilotto:

Tufted Dining Chair

I absolutely love this tufted dining chair! It has great lines to it; the curved sides make it an interesting view from all angles. And then there’s the versatility: in addition to its obvious use as a dining chair, it could also be pulled into a living room as an accent chair, or it would make an exceptional addition to a desk area in a master bedroom. If you are limited on space (I know I am!), any piece that can do double duty is always a huge bonus.



Click here for more information on how to enter Hooker Furniture’s giveaway! Be sure to enter by March 31st!

Junk Drawer

by Jennifer Bump

I have a confession to make:  I have a junk drawer.  Several, in fact.   Although, I take issue with calling them junk drawers.  I mean “junk” insinuates that I have rusted carburetors, a broken hot pink plastic swimming pool from three summers ago, and pens that don’t work just shoved into whatever space I can find. And that is completely untrue.  My multi-purpose drawers, as I prefer we call them, don’t contain junk so much as they contain art projects, extra pieces of drapery/plumbing/electrical hardware that my dad assures me I will need in the future, pens that work (well, they worked the last time I checked) and all of the things I have to get off all visible surfaces when people come over. 

And I’m not alone.  That’s right, you have one too.  No need to feel ashamed.  Now, I don’t know what has caused your particular multi-purpose drawer situation but what I need is a better storage solution.  A permanent place where I can keep my art projects together, where my random cords have a home, and a space that is out of sight for the rulers, pens, scissors and tape that keep life running.   Just preferably not in the same drawer.

Paula Deen has a quaint little line of furniture and I like to imagine that she’s the type of lady that understands that people have junk drawers or as she says it, in my mind “jungk draaws.”   She has two pieces in her collection that would help me stylishly organize my projects into a more permanent solution.


                                   Paula’s Dish Pantry (Item 192678)

Paula’s Dish Pantry is great because you have some displayable space on top and a bunch of drawers to help you organize below.  I love the hardware on this piece and the old library card drawers. Plus the two toned finish really gives the piece depth. 



                       Paula’s Kitchen Organizer Cabinet (Item 197676)

This piece could go so many places in a home—kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, mudroom, laundry room.  Think of the possibilities!  Plus the piece also features drawers that are labelable.  I don’t think the awesomeness of labelable drawers can be overstated…everyone could have their own drawer in the bathroom.  I came from a family of six and having your own drawer in the bathroom was kind of a big deal.

I love these pieces.  They are both so beautiful and also amazingly functional.  No more multi-purpose drawers full of playing cards, unused candles, thumb tacks, and photo albums rolling around together.  You all have a place you can call your own now.  Happy organizing!

Spotlight On Stickley: Staff Picks!

by Jennifer Bump

Both of my grandfathers were craftsman.  One grandfather, a builder, was known for his quality work and people would wait for years to have him build their house.  My other grandfather spent many hours in his woodworking shop creating beautiful pieces to give to family and friends.  When I see a piece like this Stickley 2012 Collector Edition Cabinet, it makes me think of them because it’s lovingly put together and extremely well made.  The piece resonates with the kind of quality craftsmanship that seems so hard to find these days.  The cabinet is functional but the inlay is exquisite and makes the chest uniquely beautiful as well.  It’s the kind of piece my grandfathers would be proud of and I would be proud to have it in my home.


The Stickley Mission sale event runs July 20th - 30th only!

Industrial Revolution

by Jennifer Bump

I recently went to a screening of Linotype: The Film.  This well-crafted, informative, and amusing documentary educates viewers about the machine that revolutionized printing beginning in the late 1800s.  The Linotype came on the heels of the Industrial Revolution when machinery changed the way the world worked and lived.  Industry made things easier and more accessible, but it represented hard work and innovation at the same time.  And stylistically it’s interesting.  Have you seen some of these old industrial machines?  The designs are pretty impressive.  And that’s how I’m going to segue from the Industrial Revolution to furniture…by design and style.  I bet you were wondering, weren’t you, how I was going to pull that off.  Well, peruse the following photos and see a modern take on industry’s influence on furniture style.

Industrial looking furniture tends to be more streamlined.  Woods mixed with metals, clean lines, and sometimes moving parts are all markers of an industrial look in furniture.  Take a look at these options for a living room:  


Hooker Menlo Park Collection

image     image

Hekman Collage Urban Loft Round Coffee Table  / Charleston Forge Warehouse Étagère


Park Hill Reclaimed Wood with Metal Coffee Table


                       Park Hill Ice Tea Table

Hooker Furniture named it’s collection after Menlo Park, the home of Thomas Edison’s experimental activities.  Genius! (See what I did there?  He’s a genius and they’re geniuses for paying homage to him…yes, it’s a bad pun, but I enjoyed it.)  And seriously smart to name an industrial-esque furniture group after a man who was and is renowned for his innovation and life-changing inventions.  Plus they’ve shown us how you can put industrial-looking furniture in a room and make it feel warm and not too sterile.  Nicely done.

I love the other pieces too, especially the Hekman Round Coffee table and the Park Hill Ice Tea Table.  I think the wheels on the Hekman piece are what sells it to me.  I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve wished for wheels on my coffee table when I’m vacuuming.  Am I right?  How convenient would that be?  Plus it looks cool.

Here are some home office options:


Hooker Drafting Table


Pennsylvania House Console Desk  /  Universal Paula Deen Saw Horse Desk

The thing that I love most about the Hooker drafting table is that you can actually tilt it down so it is perfectly horizontal.  Two words: movable parts.  Win and win.

And for your dining room:


Pennsylvania House Forecast Dining Room


Hekman Collage Urban Loft Credenza Buffet

I really think what Pennsylvania House pulled together for a dining room is sharp.  The stools are incredible!  I know that they would have been very handy in my house growing up when we were playing rowdy games of spoons.  Sometimes you need a little more elbow room, that’s all I’m saying.

Maybe you are uncomfortable with such straight lines and would prefer just a wink and a nod to the industrial era.  Well here are some accessories to consider:


Uttermost Tustin Floor Lamp


Uttermost Spare Parts Clock


Park Hill Clip

Put the lamp in the corner, the clock above an entryway table, or the clip on the mantel.  Make it your own, be innovative.  Because ultimately, that’s what the Industrial Revolution was all about.

And see this film:

Inspired by Mad Men

by Jennifer Bump

I don’t watch a whole lot of television, but there is one show that I am absolutely devoted to: AMC’s Mad Men. Besides the fact that it is one of the most beautifully scripted shows I’ve ever seen, it is also simply one of the most visually breathtaking. The people, the clothes, and the furniture, that’s right, the furniture–are all easy on the eyes. Before I digress into descriptions of the beautiful people, the beautiful clothes, and how I’m dying to be written in as Joan’s cousin visiting from the Midwest, there is a headboard that I must talk about.


Picture of the Draper’s Bedroom (Source:

I have been absolutely enamored with the teal, upholstered headboard in Don and Betty Draper’s bedroom. What’s not to love? The shape is jazzy. It’s a wonderful shade of teal. And, it’s tufted. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a triumvirate of awesomeness. I went searching for a headboard that would somehow live up to all the glory and found one offered by Century that just may do the trick.

Century Signature Upholstered Headboard

You can select the Century fabric you would like to use to upholster this headboard, so for those of you with non-Mad Men inspired dreams, this is great news. But for my particular goal in recreating a life, ahem, I mean a headboard inspired by Mad Men, I would select this teal fabric.


And although I love the color of the walls in the bedroom, I may go for accent pillows instead. I thought these fabrics may keep the tone and feel of a sixties-esque, Draper inspired bedroom.

 image  image

Seriously, doesn’t this headboard make you happy? It’s so lovely, it makes me sigh. I think Betty Draper would approve. And you know who else would love this  headboard? Joan’s cousin, visiting from the Midwest.

Mirror, Mirror On The Floor...

by Jennifer Bump

I love mirrors.  For now, I’m going to ignore what psychological or philosophical issues that may represent because I’m sure that is another blog entirely.  I just know that when it comes to decorating, I absolutely love what a mirror can do to a room.  A well placed mirror can enlarge a space and reflect light.  And as it happens, I have a dining room that needs both of those things to occur.

The first mirror that I found and really love is from Habersham.  Their Infinity Mirror is, well, awesome.  The overlapping circles make the mirror seem slightly whimsical and the distressed finish gives it some character.  And who doesn’t love a little whimsy and character?  Habersham allows you to choose your finish with this mirror which means you can set the tone for your room.  That’s a great option.


Along the same theme, I also found a floor mirror from Hooker that I love.  This mirror features three circles aligned vertically that are also set in a distressed finish.  This mirror is seven feet tall and so it’s really going to be a focal point of a room.  The three circle arrangement is a bit more “orderly” but doesn’t come off as being too formal.  Oh the power and inclusivity of circles.  I also love the chairs Hooker shows with this mirror.  And the lamp. 


I’m a new homeowner and so at the end of the day, budget is king.  Both of these mirrors would look great in my dining room.  Since the Hooker mirror is a more budget friendly option, that is the way I’m going to go.   Plus, then I may be able to do something with those chairs. And the lamp.

Shown: Habersham Infintity Mirror (Photo 1)

                Hooker Furniture Encircle Mirror (Photo 2)