Letting in the Light

By Lindsay Wakeman 

Choosing a lamp can be a difficult decision; there are so many styles, sizes, colors, and shapes! This week on the blog, I want to take some time to show you a few of my favorite lamps from a company called Uttermost. I also want to share a few things to keep in mind when deciding on your lamps!

It is no fun to look directly into a light, so you have to keep height in mind here. Not only do you need to think about the height of the lamp itself, but you need to consider the height of the surface. If you are placing a lamp on an end table, you don’t want to see the lightbulb from above or below. The same concept goes for a bedroom lamp on a nightstand. It is important to take the heights into consideration before purchasing. It might feel like a tedious task to measure these items, but it really is worth it!

Lamps can also change the feel of any room. I say this due to personal experience. Adding a little extra soft light always makes me feel warm and cozy, even in warmer months! Another great purpose for a lamp is to add a pop of color. The color can be more muted or bold, so really you can’t go wrong! Check out some of my favorite lamps below from Uttermost!

Malad- Uttermost

Aspen- Uttermost

Revello- Uttermost