Finding Your Style

I have been in the business of design and furniture sales for well over a decade now. I frequently meet clients who seem unable to identify their wants and needs. I had such a client earlier today. She was sincere in needing some guidance, and a perplexed look came across her face, as she confessed, “I just don’t know what I want, or what ‘style’ I am.”
I then ask a series of questions that I believe will help. Are you more comfortable in a casual or a formal setting? When you look in your closet, what colors have you been drawn to? Do you tend to dress formally, or casually?
I suggest they look through magazines, or on the web, to find rooms they like, and begin to keep a folder of ideas. I often ask what they currently own that they like best. 
A furniture showroom is a good place to go for help in finding your style, because you get a sense of which displays make you feel comfortable. You also usually get to view several wall colors, and find those most appealing to you.

Keep in mind that there is no “ right” or “wrong” as long as you end up with a space that pleases you. Above all, enjoy the process!

Why I Love to Sell Stickley Furniture

by Audrey Kelsey


Since 1900 L. & J.G. Stickley has been crafting solid wood furniture.  The designs and quality have endured for over 100 years.  Reliable construction techniques and skilled craftspeople come together to create timeless works of art. 

The Stickley difference is in the details and exceptional construction techniques.  Solid quartersawn white oak, side hung and center guided drawers, quadralinear posts, blind dovetailed cross rails, ship lap planking, tongue and groove glue joints, book matching, and keyed tenons are just a few of the examples of why a piece of Stickley will be the most reliable piece of furniture you own!

Those phrases may sound like Greek to some, but to those educated in the craft of fine furniture construction, they are the details necessary for quality.  The exact same details for which Stickley is famous.

Out With the Old

by Audrey Kelsey

For me at least, pressure is a good thing.  Even though I work in a furniture store, I tend to procrastinate and put off the things I could and should do to make my home more welcoming and inviting.  My “animal print” bedroom had lost its appeal to me several years ago, but I just couldn’t find sufficient motivation to change it!  Change requires effort and action and I found myself in the rut of apathy.

When friends called recently to say they’d like to spend a few days visiting with us, I finally got the pressure and motivation I needed in one fell swoop.  I was ready to be “out with the old and in with the new."  Amazingly, once the decision is made, creativity kicks in and the ideas start flowing. Adventure awaits as you formulate the colors and ideas you want to incorporate.  Once you have the new look in mind, it is fairly easy to turn it into reality!

But you will have to go shopping, of course.  Start by finding the bedding you want, and determine if a wall color needs to change.  Can you add new furniture pieces to update your look?  I added the perfect new art work, accent pillows, and a fabric valance.  And lastly, come up with accessories to tie it all together.  In no time at all, your room is transformed!

Change like this can often seem so difficult, but if you find the right motivation you can make it happen.  For me, my friends’ visit provided all the motivation I needed to refresh my bedroom’s look and feel. I hope they like the new bedroom as much as I do!

Armed Forces Day: Saturday, May 18th, 2013

by Audrey Kelsey


My youngest son, Nathan, is currently on his fourth deployment, serving now in Afghanistan.  He deployed when his first child, Audrey Grace, was just three weeks old! I know, first hand, that the families of those in the Armed Forces are serving their country too.  The wives, husbands, and children left behind, while their loved one serves, are making a sacrifice as well.

My son is totally committed to his service.  He has never complained.  He doesn’t get into the political aspects, but considers it his privilege and duty to serve!  I am impressed and awed by his attitude.  And of course, I am proud of my son.  He personifies the phrase, “Greater love has no man than this, that he would lay down his life for his friend (country).”

On Armed Forces Day, Wheeler’s would like to the opportunity to say thank you, to all the men and women of our U.S. military, for your service in support of our country.  We are grateful for your sacrifice and dedication!


When Hooker Furniture announced they were doing a giveaway from their Rhapsody collection, the only difficult thing was picking our favorite piece! Here are some favorites from our staff…

Cheryl Duncan:

Handpainted Drawer Chest

This Handpainted Drawer Chest is one of my favorite pieces from the Rhapsody collection. It is such a pretty piece with its decorative hand painting. I love the fact that it is versatile, with both drawers and doors, and it can anchor a bedroom, dining room or living room!



Jennifer Bump:

Thin Console

I love a lot of the occasional pieces that Hooker Furniture has been offering as of late. If Hooker Furniture were a person, they’d be that girl in high school who actually listened to her mom when she was told to stand up straight; it just looks a bit more put together and very sharp. And the Rhapsody Thin Console is no exception. The finish is amazing and the piece is stylish without being fussy. But the thing that I love most about this piece is actually revealed in its name. It is thin. The console is only thirteen inches deep and answers the question I hear all of the time, “What am I supposed to do with that wall?” Put this console on that wall. It’s thin enough that you won’t have to worry if it’s going to take up too much space or protrude into the room. Ultimately, I think this piece is great because it could go so many places in a home. Well done, Hooker Furniture.


Audrey Kelsey:

Sleigh Bed

My favorite piece of the aptly named Rhapsody collection is the sleigh bed. Hooker uses a whole paragraph of adjective-infused descriptions, but the final phrase pretty much sums it up for me…. "over the top". This bed would look good in a castle. It would fit right in. However, if you are just, well, ordinary, but you want to feel like a King when you call it a day then check out the Rhapsody collection. By the way, this is IN STOCK, on the floor of our showroom!


Kim Robilotto:

Tufted Dining Chair

I absolutely love this tufted dining chair! It has great lines to it; the curved sides make it an interesting view from all angles. And then there’s the versatility: in addition to its obvious use as a dining chair, it could also be pulled into a living room as an accent chair, or it would make an exceptional addition to a desk area in a master bedroom. If you are limited on space (I know I am!), any piece that can do double duty is always a huge bonus.



Click here for more information on how to enter Hooker Furniture’s giveaway! Be sure to enter by March 31st!