Outdoor living

Outdoor Living Space

By Lindsay Wakeman

Do you ever forget about the entire category of outdoor furniture? I know I do! So this week on the blog, I wanted to take some time to share some of my favorite outdoor spaces and ideas. We also just got our new Paula Deen Outdoor furniture here at the store, and we love it! You can make your outdoor space a reflection of you in the same way that you can with the interior. As sprucing up outdoor living spaces has become more popular, I have seen more outdoor and weather resistant products hit the market! 

If you enjoy hosting and entertaining in your outdoor space, there are some really neat bar carts and consoles that can be used outdoors. This is a great alternative to an outdoor bar patio! Even if you have an bar area, you can definitely add an outdoor bar cart to enhance the visual appeal. The Spanish Colonial patio design by Mullin Lanscape (see below) is one of my favorite outdoor spaces. Can you say dreamy? I know I would never leave this patio! 

Mullin Landscape

Mullin Landscape

HGTV (Rustic White Photography)

As for the outdoor furniture that we just got at the store, it is gorgeous! We ordered in pieces from each of the 3 collections: Bungalow, Dogwood, and River House. All of the furniture is extremely comfortable, and versatile. These pieces have an awesome warranty as well, which is always something to look for when purchasing furniture. 

Bungalow Paula Deen Outdoor

Dogwood Paula Deen Outdoor

River House Paula Deen Outdoor