Spotlight On Stickley: Staff Picks!

by Jennifer Bump

Both of my grandfathers were craftsman.  One grandfather, a builder, was known for his quality work and people would wait for years to have him build their house.  My other grandfather spent many hours in his woodworking shop creating beautiful pieces to give to family and friends.  When I see a piece like this Stickley 2012 Collector Edition Cabinet, it makes me think of them because it’s lovingly put together and extremely well made.  The piece resonates with the kind of quality craftsmanship that seems so hard to find these days.  The cabinet is functional but the inlay is exquisite and makes the chest uniquely beautiful as well.  It’s the kind of piece my grandfathers would be proud of and I would be proud to have it in my home.


The Stickley Mission sale event runs July 20th - 30th only!