When Hooker Furniture announced they were doing a giveaway from their Rhapsody collection, the only difficult thing was picking our favorite piece! Here are some favorites from our staff…

Cheryl Duncan:

Handpainted Drawer Chest

This Handpainted Drawer Chest is one of my favorite pieces from the Rhapsody collection. It is such a pretty piece with its decorative hand painting. I love the fact that it is versatile, with both drawers and doors, and it can anchor a bedroom, dining room or living room!



Jennifer Bump:

Thin Console

I love a lot of the occasional pieces that Hooker Furniture has been offering as of late. If Hooker Furniture were a person, they’d be that girl in high school who actually listened to her mom when she was told to stand up straight; it just looks a bit more put together and very sharp. And the Rhapsody Thin Console is no exception. The finish is amazing and the piece is stylish without being fussy. But the thing that I love most about this piece is actually revealed in its name. It is thin. The console is only thirteen inches deep and answers the question I hear all of the time, “What am I supposed to do with that wall?” Put this console on that wall. It’s thin enough that you won’t have to worry if it’s going to take up too much space or protrude into the room. Ultimately, I think this piece is great because it could go so many places in a home. Well done, Hooker Furniture.


Audrey Kelsey:

Sleigh Bed

My favorite piece of the aptly named Rhapsody collection is the sleigh bed. Hooker uses a whole paragraph of adjective-infused descriptions, but the final phrase pretty much sums it up for me…. "over the top". This bed would look good in a castle. It would fit right in. However, if you are just, well, ordinary, but you want to feel like a King when you call it a day then check out the Rhapsody collection. By the way, this is IN STOCK, on the floor of our showroom!


Kim Robilotto:

Tufted Dining Chair

I absolutely love this tufted dining chair! It has great lines to it; the curved sides make it an interesting view from all angles. And then there’s the versatility: in addition to its obvious use as a dining chair, it could also be pulled into a living room as an accent chair, or it would make an exceptional addition to a desk area in a master bedroom. If you are limited on space (I know I am!), any piece that can do double duty is always a huge bonus.



Click here for more information on how to enter Hooker Furniture’s giveaway! Be sure to enter by March 31st!