Out With the Old

by Audrey Kelsey

For me at least, pressure is a good thing.  Even though I work in a furniture store, I tend to procrastinate and put off the things I could and should do to make my home more welcoming and inviting.  My “animal print” bedroom had lost its appeal to me several years ago, but I just couldn’t find sufficient motivation to change it!  Change requires effort and action and I found myself in the rut of apathy.

When friends called recently to say they’d like to spend a few days visiting with us, I finally got the pressure and motivation I needed in one fell swoop.  I was ready to be “out with the old and in with the new."  Amazingly, once the decision is made, creativity kicks in and the ideas start flowing. Adventure awaits as you formulate the colors and ideas you want to incorporate.  Once you have the new look in mind, it is fairly easy to turn it into reality!

But you will have to go shopping, of course.  Start by finding the bedding you want, and determine if a wall color needs to change.  Can you add new furniture pieces to update your look?  I added the perfect new art work, accent pillows, and a fabric valance.  And lastly, come up with accessories to tie it all together.  In no time at all, your room is transformed!

Change like this can often seem so difficult, but if you find the right motivation you can make it happen.  For me, my friends’ visit provided all the motivation I needed to refresh my bedroom’s look and feel. I hope they like the new bedroom as much as I do!