Mirror, Mirror On The Floor...

by Jennifer Bump

I love mirrors.  For now, I’m going to ignore what psychological or philosophical issues that may represent because I’m sure that is another blog entirely.  I just know that when it comes to decorating, I absolutely love what a mirror can do to a room.  A well placed mirror can enlarge a space and reflect light.  And as it happens, I have a dining room that needs both of those things to occur.

The first mirror that I found and really love is from Habersham.  Their Infinity Mirror is, well, awesome.  The overlapping circles make the mirror seem slightly whimsical and the distressed finish gives it some character.  And who doesn’t love a little whimsy and character?  Habersham allows you to choose your finish with this mirror which means you can set the tone for your room.  That’s a great option.


Along the same theme, I also found a floor mirror from Hooker that I love.  This mirror features three circles aligned vertically that are also set in a distressed finish.  This mirror is seven feet tall and so it’s really going to be a focal point of a room.  The three circle arrangement is a bit more “orderly” but doesn’t come off as being too formal.  Oh the power and inclusivity of circles.  I also love the chairs Hooker shows with this mirror.  And the lamp. 


I’m a new homeowner and so at the end of the day, budget is king.  Both of these mirrors would look great in my dining room.  Since the Hooker mirror is a more budget friendly option, that is the way I’m going to go.   Plus, then I may be able to do something with those chairs. And the lamp.

Shown: Habersham Infintity Mirror (Photo 1)

                Hooker Furniture Encircle Mirror (Photo 2)