Lavender Memories

We recently ordered a Bernhardt Interiors sofa in the lavender family, and doing so triggered some wonderful memories.
image                                                            Bernhardt Kirkland Sofa
When I was 10 years old, my grandmother hired a designer to redo her living room.  This is a moment I remember clearly, because it sparked an interest in me that would later become a career and a passion.  I vividly recall the incredible change that resulted from the designer’s efforts: pinch-pleated drapes were double-hung in lavender silk; the sofa was French, in ivory fabric with a Provencal wood trim; two pale gold channel-back chairs and a piece of purple Blenko glass finished the room (which I am proud to say I inherited, and today it brightens up my dining room - pictured below). Through this and similar experiences, I learned valuable lessons, like the art of using mirrors to visually widen a narrow room, and how our physical surroundings can affect us emotionally.
image{Above: The writer’s Blenko glass (pictured left) inherited from her grandmother.}

Around this same time my mother used to let me play with fabric scraps.  I made pillows to lay on and dresses to play in.  These projects were a big part of my childhood, and I could chatter for ages about my fabulous creations and the lessons I learned.  I painted my sisters’ beds, my iron bed, and the walls in my room all in lavender.  Artistic design was a joy to me then, and it is my passion today.  I love seeing the results.

I recommend using color thoughtfully, throughout your home, as a tool to bring about a particular emotional response.  Color can bring back memories, and it can soothe or stimulate.  How does lavender make you feel? What emotions do apple green, butter yellow, or pale grey evoke in you?