Kitchen Decor

By Lindsay Wakeman

I don’t know about you all, but I just love kitchens! I could look through kitchen designs all day everyday (if time allowed of course!) because they are my favorite spaces. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite styling tips when it comes to kitchens.

Magnolia Home

Mixing wood tones is something that I love, so leave your cutting boards and trays out on the counter. You can lean the boards up against your backsplash and stagger/layer them. I think this provides a clean look, while also providing function! If you need your cutting boards, you can easily access them. They come in many different styles, shapes, and materials so have fun with them! 

Sequins and Stripes

Next, I would advise using neutral ceramics and vases. You may have a very bright and colorful kitchen, or a soft and neutral kitchen. If you stick with neutral colors in your ceramics and vases, they will compliment your kitchen. I like white ceramics and glass vases of different shapes and sizes. Not only will this be visually appealing to the eye, it is also functional. The ceramics can hold lots of different utensils, fresh fruit, vegetables, you name it! If you love fresh flowers and plants like myself, then you can use your glass vases for just that. 

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Style Curators

Lastly, using your fresh fruit can be a great design element in any kitchen. Fruit comes in many different colors, so there are many options to display. If you are wanting to add a pop of color, leave it out in a pretty ceramic bowl like I mentioned before. Of course there are plenty of other decor ideas for kitchens, these are just my favorites. Have fun and let your kitchen fit your style while also remaining functional. See you next time!

The Every Girl