by Cheryl Duncan

I recently received a phone call from a lady who is needing a sofa but finds the decision-making process and all the effort associated with looking for the best option to be a daunting task. This is a common reaction to any big purchase.  Here’s my advice: Become educated on the options available to you so you can make an informed decision. I know - easier said than done! But educating yourself and/or finding someone to walk you through the purchase and help with research will go along way towards making you feel comfortable and confident.
Wheeler’s can help you identify the options that best fit your budget and lifestyle. We can walk you through the key considerations of each possible choice: price, quality, style, scale, and comfort. The picture below shows a typical board we can create to show our customers how we pull a room together, and how your needs can be addressed. 
I love pictures! Bring me a picture that inspires you and we will be off and running together. I can help you through the research and identify the best options based on your needs and inspiration.  You can have the look you want, stay within your budget, and I promise it won’t be overwhelming at all!