Girl Interrupted

by Shannon Pennell

People always assume that a designer’s home is decorated to perfection. I get asked a lot about my home and my own personal style. Sure, I know how I want my house to look, but the reality is that I can’t just decorate for myself, because I live in a house full of boys. It’s loud, messy, rowdy and oftentimes, smelly. I’m surrounded by “all things boy”. There are video games, backpacks full of textbooks, guitars and amps, and a multitude of drums spilling into every corner. Dirty clothes rarely make their way into the hamper, and the dining table is usually covered in folded laundry. 

I love my life, but sometimes it would be nice to have a little touch of femininity in my home. I’ve never considered myself a girly girl, but as I searched my Pinterest boards on design, I realized most of my pins have a common theme. 

I love pops of color, especially pinks and corals. I love bright, fresh rooms and bold patterns. I love mixing patterns and colors together that blend, but don’t match. 

I like using basic neutrals as a backdrop for bold accent colors. I think the key to a beautifully designed room is in the final details. It’s the art, pillows, rugs, and tabletop décor that transform a basic room and turn it into something special. 

I know there will come a day when I am no longer surrounded by “all things boy”. My oldest son will be leaving for college soon, and his brothers will be making their own way in life in the next few years. The piles of folded laundry will be replaced with pretty tabletop accessories, and a new chair will go in the place where the drums once sat. In the meantime, I will just have to visit my Pinterest to find my quiet, beautiful escape from the chaos of life with boys.