Form, Function and Fabulous!

by Dacee Kentner

Each year, Stickley Furniture creates a commemorative piece of furniture that is only available throughout that calendar year.  This 2016 piece, a beautiful Harvey Ellis Console, will only be available to order through November 4th, 2016.  After this date, the numbered piece will no longer be produced and in turn will not be an easy find. 

Stickley Furniture, an international brand that became prominent in the early 20th century, has always been known as an American-made brand that uses only the highest quality woods and solid, life-long joinery.  Today, Stickley still offers factory tours free of charge to the public as a way to share the traditional methods of construction.  You can also visit the Stickley Museum in Fayetteville, New York, to learn about Gustav Stickley, the Craftsman Style, plus 115 years of history for the furniture style and company.

Currently, here at Wheeler’s, our showroom pieces have sold out. We have two Onondaga consoles on the way and still available for purchase. This year’s piece has been sold almost 5,000 times nationwide, making it the most popular commemorative piece in Stickley history.
If you are a “Sticklet” and still haven’t picked yours up, then it’s time you put your order in today!