Finding Your Style

I have been in the business of design and furniture sales for well over a decade now. I frequently meet clients who seem unable to identify their wants and needs. I had such a client earlier today. She was sincere in needing some guidance, and a perplexed look came across her face, as she confessed, “I just don’t know what I want, or what ‘style’ I am.”
I then ask a series of questions that I believe will help. Are you more comfortable in a casual or a formal setting? When you look in your closet, what colors have you been drawn to? Do you tend to dress formally, or casually?
I suggest they look through magazines, or on the web, to find rooms they like, and begin to keep a folder of ideas. I often ask what they currently own that they like best. 
A furniture showroom is a good place to go for help in finding your style, because you get a sense of which displays make you feel comfortable. You also usually get to view several wall colors, and find those most appealing to you.

Keep in mind that there is no “ right” or “wrong” as long as you end up with a space that pleases you. Above all, enjoy the process!