Fashion Meets Furniture

by Shannon Pennell

I have a confession to make. After being in the design business for 20 years, I was feeling uninspired and bored with what the furniture industry was producing.  It seemed everything was dull, lacking color and imagination.  Everything looked the same, and I was craving something different.

Little did I know that while attending a design meeting at Hooker Furniture in May 2015, I would experience a spark that would fuel my passion for design once again.  I was given a sneak peak at a new collection designed by fashion designer Cynthia Rowley.  At that point, there were only artist renderings and finish boards to look at, but WOW, I was thrilled!  This collection was like nothing I had ever experienced before!  It had color, style, and personality.  I couldn’t wait to get back home and share my excitement.

           After 12 months of waiting, I’m so excited to announce that IT’S HERE!  We received our first shipment this week! While it will take a couple of months to get everything in, our Cynthia Rowley Gallery will be taking shape in the next few weeks.  These pieces will brighten your space and make your home a happy place!

           Cynthia blends unique materials and custom fabrics to create classic furniture with a twist.  Whether you want something playful, romantic, refined or glamorous, this collection has it all!  I promise you’ve never seen a furniture collection like this!  We welcome you to come in and see the new Cynthia Rowley Collection from Hooker Furniture, exclusively in our area at Wheeler’s Furniture. I’m sure you will find some pieces to fall in love with too!