East Coast Inspiration

By Lindsay Wakeman

We all have different affiliations with the word “summer” because of our experiences. When I think about summer, I think about Rhode Island. I grew up spending lots of time in Rhode Island during my summers, and let me tell you - it is a beautiful state! The majority of the homes fall under Shingle Style Design, not just in Rhode Island, but in the New England area. This style is my absolute favorite when it comes to exteriors. I think that it is timeless! Now, if you have absolutely no idea what style I am talking about, take a look at the photo below.

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The homes have walls, roofs, and other details that are covered in shingles, hence the style name. As you can see in the photos, the majority of the homes are covered in shingles. This style also favors asymmetry, irregularity, verticality, and simplicity. What do these words mean? Let me break it down for you! With the asymmetry and irregularity of the home, you typically will not see a mirrored image if you were to cut the home in half. You will see different architectural elements on most areas of the home. Verticality refers to the height of these homes, they are usually at least two stories tall. When it comes to simplicity, there is really not any major ornamentation on the exterior. The exterior color is consistent, and simple - usually a combination of white trim with the color of the shingles. 

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This style also includes gables, towers, bay windows, porches, and multiple roofs. In all of the photos you can see the multiple roofs and gables, contributing to the asymmetry that I mentioned. A gable is a triangular section that is formed by the two sides of a sloping roof. Bay windows are my favorite type of window, I think they give homes a beautiful dimension. These windows extend outward from the frame of the house (see the photo below). Are you ready for my favorite aspect of Shingle Style design? It is the porches! I adore front and wrap around porches. So many of the homes in Rhode Island have gorgeous wrap around porches. They provide lots of patio space, perfect for relaxing in the sun. I hope you learned a little something today about this style, until next time! 

Architectural Digest, Photo by: William Abranowicz

Architectural Digest, Photo by: Durston Saylor