by Dacee Kentner

As a parent and an interior designer, there is nothing I have enjoyed more than designing my sons’ bedrooms.  After purchasing a home with the full intention of remodeling 90 percent of its entirety, my kids’ rooms were the second place I started, after the first bathroom was complete. Bright colors of reds and blues have given my little superheroes the rooms they love, but now it’s time for the big purchase: bedroom furniture that can make it through the next decade, while growing with them through elementary and middle school.

Wheeler’s has always carried some of the most adorable, affordable children’s furniture in town.  With companies like Stanley and Universal producing children’s furniture, there is no doubt that your purchase will outlast all of the moments of pretend play, as your child runs through the house and jumps on the bed. (I know, you have told them multiple times to stop.)  

As we at Wheeler’s begin gearing up for the new year, we have added several children’s pieces to our showroom floor.  A nursery set, including crib, rocking chair, and dresser, await the perfect home.  

A twin bunk bed set with ladder, shelves, and desk, as well as, a painted metal locker, scream “home of the all-American boy!”  

And finally, my favorite little girls bedroom set includes bed (headboard, footboard, and rails), side table, dresser, mirror, and the cutest upholstered bench!

Not only are these new children’s lines stylish, but technology is integrated into many of the pieces. Just the idea of one touch nightlights within my child’s nightstand, or USB charging stations within my child’s dresser, leaves me smiling. I know that I won’t have to worry about my little superhero feeling alone in the dark or my older superhero stressing about whether the iPad will be charged for his after school “technology time” tomorrow.

Now it’s time for you, my friend in parenting, to start thinking of ways to give your little princess or superhero the room of their dreams!