Be Bold

by Alissa Lacamp

There is a trick to decorating with bold patterns; if not careful, they can often look forced into the space.  Sometimes I am viewing a room where the bold pattern completely takes over.  My goal, whether dynamic and bold, or soft and cool, is to make the design seem organic - as if those beautiful shapes, fabrics and textures were birthed when the walls were formed.  When there needs to be a bold contrast, a focal point, or a strong color, it should be because the space demanded it.  That is why I love this group by Bernhardt

The chairs have a stunning overscaled chevron, with this beautiful color that can best be described as a Vibrant Blush, and yet I want to snuggle up in this Bernhardt Signature Series Grey Velvet sofa.  It floats on top of the Feizy rug that is bold with color, and soft with texture. The Black Croc chests by Hooker Furniture provide an anchor for these soft velvet textures, that provide a perfect balance to the hard surfaces: the belt buckle drawer handles, the wood framing on the chairs, and the metal base on the marble cocktail table.

When using bold patterns, remember, a little goes a long way.  Accenting with pillows, a chair, or even the banding on a drapery panel could be just enough to pull all the elements together as if they were born with the bones of the space.