A Chair Just For Dad

by Jeanie Tow

It always brings a smile to my face when I remember the day all of us kids were gathered around our Dad.  One of my siblings, who will remain anonymous, said “Open your shirt, Dad!”

Fathers are un-sung heroes.  They almost always get a shirt or tie and don’t even seem to mind.  They would much rather see us opening gifts.  Dads are like that!

Maybe it’s time we gave him a gift that he would really enjoy for years to come.  What about a chair of his own?  A throne, so to speak, in his castle called home.  A place he knows is his, where he can retreat from stress and gather his little ones on his lap.

I’m happy to say there are some recliners that are disguised as classy chairs, with no signs of chunky handles or the look of a giant baseball glove.  They are rather stylish so that those with fine taste would highly approve.  Check out these by Bradington Young:


                                          Vesta Lounger by Bradington Young


                                      Mayes Lounger by Bradington Young


                                     Geordi  Lounger by Bradington Young

Go ahead, celebrate Dad!  Blow his socks off so he can fall back into comfort and take a well deserved nap.

It really does feel better to give y’all.